Pressure Sand Filter Manufacturer

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Pressure Sand Filter is a type of filter that uses sand as media and the water is pressurized to pass through the sand granules and it purifies the water. These filters consist of the many layers of sand of different size granules and specific gravity.

Shubham Inc. Pressure filters are purposed to remove the presence of suspended particulates in the feed water keeping the pressure drop minimum.

It has designed as to suit the process requirement.

How Pressure Sand Filter works?

The water is pressurized and passed through the sand granules in the filter. The dirt particles in the water get trapped in the very small openings between the grains of sand. The dirt removed from the water is then driven into the sand bed by the high velocity of water.

Pressure Sand Filter Systems

Media Filter

It is a type of filter that uses various bed media to clean the water. It uses bed of sand, foam, crushed glass, crushed granite or other materials to treat the water for removing the suspended solid particles. Media filter is used for filtering the water for drinking, irrigation, swimming pool, storm water management, aquaculture, oil and gas operations, and other such applications.

How it works?

The suspended solid in the water that is consists of small particles such as algae, organic matter, clay, grit, and other micro-organisms are responsible to cause a high pressure drop. Also, the effectiveness of the downstream filtration equipment like ion exchange beds, and river osmosis membrane is reduced.

The Media Filter works out to reduce the level of the turbidity in the feed water. A media Filter uses coagulant addition, a process to combine all the finest dust particles to join together to attain a size that can be easily filtered.