Subham Inc. is one of the top players in the Pressure Sand Filter category. It has retained its renowned name for its excellent services in supplying the same product. The products are reliable and affordable. Its unique design of the product has ensures the maximum utilization of the surface area, effective removal of impurities, and lesser pressure drop across the filter bed.

Subham has partnered with over 320 projects worldwide. It has given over $150 million in cash and products to other groups.

It has a record of executing nearly 500 projects installations in India and abroad.

Why Subham only?

It seems the next great fight between the countries may be for water.

Why water? Because the natural sources of water are spoilt and diminishing day by day. The irresponsible human beings are responsible for the misuse of water.

Our earth is 1/3rd water. Blessed with such great natural resource to live, still we people never realizes the importance of water. The leaking tapes and the overflowing buckets were never vision by the brainy human beings. If, measures were taken to stop such misuses of water, then we may not be suffering to such an extreme.

The irresponsible disposal of garbage in the river, lakes, and ponds is another bigger reason of water extinct. Assuming, the great threat in the future due to these reasons for water, Subham has designed and engineered a unique pre-assembled units which minimizes the installation and start-up cost. These units are used to filter the waste water and sewage water to meet the demand level of water in today's economical condition.

Whatever, the requirement may be, either you require RO feed process water, or filtered water, Subham can serve to fulfil each requirement.

As, a leading EPC contractor of water and sewage water treatment plants, Subham has use the best technology and cutting edge tools to attain the high quality and sustainable water supply projects.

It is serving a great helping hand to the communities who are showing initiatives in managing the water supply problems.